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Steakhouse restaurant Dock House has been located in Prague Michle since 2006. A short walk from the Business center Brumlovka and metro stations Budějovická and Kačerov. Our chef Vrastislav Oehm and his team are in charge of the open kitchen where we prepare fabulous steaks by using a special hot stone meat preparation technique. We only use the highest quality of meat. We do not only offer great beef steaks, but also exquisite veal steaks that are sources from our farm in the Jeseníky Mountains. Our specialty is the meat-stall located in the restaurant. Under the supervision of our chef, we hang and age the meat in the refrigerated area. During the aging process, the meat becomes tender which brings your culinary experience to the next level. But Dock House is not only about great steaks, we can also offer you a variety of different options of our American bistro dishes made with fresh, seasonal ingredients. You can also choose from our wide selection of desserts made locally in our bakery. Carefully selected wines from around the world, craft beers and our homemade lemonades.


From Monday to Friday, we offer lunch menu during lunch time. Children are welcomed. For our youngest guests we have prepared a children's corner, dining chairs and booster cushions, coloring books and a children's menu. Come and see for yourself.

We look forward to seeing you!



Zuzana Blažejovská
General Restaurant Manager

Michal Reiniš
Restaurant Manager

Vratislav Oehm

Matěj Rabl

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